Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Duffy Assembly

Duffy Assembly

On Friday 23rd October 2015, Glenbrae School had Duffy Assembly. It started after morning tea. I was so excited for the assembly to start. When everyone was assembled to the hall, the Junior classes and some of the Senior classes sat on the floor, and Rooms 9 and 10 sat on  the seats.

Before  the show started, the entertainers discussed 3 simple rules.
Rule 1: We were allowed to call out the answers
Rule 2: Our bottoms had to touch the floors or the seats during the show at all times
Rule 3: When they did the X sign. that meant that everyone had to quiet down

Soon the show started. It was about a girl who didn't like reading books. She found it boring to go to the library and read books, she would rather watch television or play games. She was failing in her grades  at school. One day, she met a  boy named Duffy, she saw him in the library, she asked him why he liked going to the library. Duffy said that he liked to imagine and dream, but the girl didn't bother to listen, so Duffy took her  to the library and asked her  some questions like 'What she likes', 'What her favourites things are' or 'What she admires'. Sooner or later, she started to read books and fairytale stories, she even started to dream and imagine. She kept visiting the library  from day after day, she asked her mum if she can get a  library card so that she can issue out some books to read. Her mother wasn't really a fan of reading, until Duffy found her a book about fishing. Once she got  her library card she started issuing out books, she kept reading, imagining and dreaming, then her grades were improving in her school work. From that day onwards, she kept dreaming and imagining by reading.

The show was hilarious  One thing I learnt is to never give up, keep imagining and dreaming by reading a lot of books.

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