Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Financial Literacy

Today Room 10 had Financial Literacy with Rachael. Finacial Literacy is where people come in and talk to us about how to be good with money. For today's session, we talked about credit and what we use it for. We use credits to buy cars, house, food, furniture, insurance, bills, medical, university, etc. We also talked about people we trust.

Next, 4 volunteers did a skit. Keti and Voni's skit was about lending your friend money and the friend saying that they will pay the lender the next day. Me and Baden's skit was about you lending your best friend your favourite DVD, and the friend returns it back all broken and scratched.

Later on, we had to fill in a little paper before we finished.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Trip to Stardome

On Thursday 12th November 2015, Rooms 7, 8, 9 and 10 students and teachers went on a trip to Stardome. We travelled in 2 buses, rooms 7 and 8 went on one and rooms 9 and 10 went on the other.

Stardome is located in One Tree Hill so we had to travel several kilometres to reach our destination.
Once we reached  Stardome, we had lunch and played for an hour. We played on the Flying Fox and the Octopus Arms. The boys were playing Bull Rush, my friend and I wanted to play, so I asked if the girls can play before we joined in.

An hour went past, we walked inside the foyer and waited for Tim our tour guide to invite us into the Space Room. As we entered the Space Room and sat down, we asked Tim questions about space and astronomy. Tim then talked about the Earth and the Moon, and how far the moon was from Earth. The Moon is 30 times the diameter of the Earth away.

After that, we left the Space Room and wondered about in the foyer, looking at the planets and reading facts about space. As time flowed by Tim called us into the Observatory Room. Inside the room were seats that were lined up. Above us was a dome protruding out of the roof screen. As we settled down in the seats, we watched a movie called Adventures through the Universe. It showed us how the Big Bang created planets and stars. It talked about space and astronomy. It felt weird because to me, it felt like I was in space. When the movie had finished, we learnt about the constellations of stars and planets. We saw all the stars of the planets except for Neptune.

Later on, we left Stardome and travelled back to school. I felt so tired and sleepy after our trip.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Technology: Graphics

Today at Tamaki College the year 7 and 8 students had technology. The year 7's had Sewing and the year 8's had Graphics. 

I was in Graphics. We were still allowed to print our shirts, but we did other activities. We designed juice boxes, but first we had to design 3 and then choose our final one. We designed our juice boxes for the whole session, then we watched some Manaiakalani movies before we left.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Maths - Term 4 Week 2

(1) From Auckland to Waitangi is 229 kilometres. We left Auckland at 9.39 am and arrived at Waitangi at 3.31 pm. Remember we also made three stops before we arrived at Waitangi.
How do the stops we made affect the travel time?
(ANSWER) The stops we made affected the travel time because wherever we stopped we spent a few minutes to roam around, so that made our travel longer.

(2) What is your estimate for the average speed the bus was travelling?
(ANSWER) 85km

(3) If the average speed of the bus is 80 km/h, what time would we have arrived at Waitangi if we didn’t make any stops?
STOP 1: 45 minutes
STOP 2: 30 minutes  (add these times up) = 1 hour and 40 minutes
STOP 3: 25 minutes

Time we arrived at school: 3:31pm - 1 hour = 2:31pm - 31 minutes = 2:00pm = 9 minutes = 1:51pm

(4) The hairdresser has 4.5 litres of dye left. Each tint uses 0.375 millilitres of dye. How many tints can the hairdresser do?

Hairdresser has 4.5 litres left of dye
Each tint uses 0.375 litres of dye

0.375ml x 2 tints = 0.750ml
0.375ml x 4 tints = 1.500L

0.375ml x 8 tints = 3.000L     (add the answers)
0.375ml x 4 tints = 1.500L     (add the tints)
3.000L + 1.500L = 4.500L = 4.5 litres
8 tints + 4 tints = 12 tints (ANSWER)

(5) Three boys share two pizzas equally. Eight girls share six pizzas equally. Who gets more pizza, one of the boys or one of the girls?
BOYS: None because they shared it EQUALLY
GIRLS: None because they shared it EQUALLY

(6) Bas needs to buy 114 cans of soft drink. How many 6-packs should he get?

6 x 10 = 60
6 x 20 = 120  (Subtract 1 away from 20 to make 19 because 120 is 6 more than 114)
6 x 1 = 6, so, 120 - 6 = 114
20 - 1 = 19 sets of 6-packs (ANSWER)

(7) In 1912 the world record time for the 100 metre sprint was 10.6 seconds. It is now 9.69 seconds. By how much has the record changed?

9.69 + 0.31 = 10.0   (add 0.31 & 0.6)
10.0 + 0.6 = 10.6
0.31 + 0.6 = 0.91 seconds

⅗ + 4 ⅘ = 5 2/5

6/8 - ⅜ = 3/8

23.3 + 2.89 = 26.19

0.008 + 0.07 = 0.078

3.42 + 8.97 = 12.39

Duffy Assembly

Duffy Assembly

On Friday 23rd October 2015, Glenbrae School had Duffy Assembly. It started after morning tea. I was so excited for the assembly to start. When everyone was assembled to the hall, the Junior classes and some of the Senior classes sat on the floor, and Rooms 9 and 10 sat on  the seats.

Before  the show started, the entertainers discussed 3 simple rules.
Rule 1: We were allowed to call out the answers
Rule 2: Our bottoms had to touch the floors or the seats during the show at all times
Rule 3: When they did the X sign. that meant that everyone had to quiet down

Soon the show started. It was about a girl who didn't like reading books. She found it boring to go to the library and read books, she would rather watch television or play games. She was failing in her grades  at school. One day, she met a  boy named Duffy, she saw him in the library, she asked him why he liked going to the library. Duffy said that he liked to imagine and dream, but the girl didn't bother to listen, so Duffy took her  to the library and asked her  some questions like 'What she likes', 'What her favourites things are' or 'What she admires'. Sooner or later, she started to read books and fairytale stories, she even started to dream and imagine. She kept visiting the library  from day after day, she asked her mum if she can get a  library card so that she can issue out some books to read. Her mother wasn't really a fan of reading, until Duffy found her a book about fishing. Once she got  her library card she started issuing out books, she kept reading, imagining and dreaming, then her grades were improving in her school work. From that day onwards, she kept dreaming and imagining by reading.

The show was hilarious  One thing I learnt is to never give up, keep imagining and dreaming by reading a lot of books.


Kiwican Reflection

On Friday 23rd October 2015, Rooms 10 and 9 had Kiwican straight after the Duffy Assembly. Our teachers were Miss Tuia and Mr Numia as usual. Our new theme is Respect and our new  topic is Respecting Ourselves.

We  talked  about  our  Personal  Strengths and how  everyone is  different, not everyone is the same. We had a warm up game. We were divided into 2 groups. One person goes inside the circle and says something that they think they  are good at, and the ones  that think that they  are good at it too runs around the circle. Whoever is the last person to reach there spot  has to be inside the circle and then  it is there  turn to say something  that  they think they are  good at.

After that we played a game, when  someone calls out a fruit, we had to jump away  from the taggers, but we were only allowed to jump once. If the person calling out  the fruit names calls out  something that is not a fruit, and we jump then we are out.

We played until it was time for the points. Both  classes got  23 out of 25.

Technology Reflection

Technology Reflection

On Friday 23rd October 2015, the year 7 and 8 students had technology at Tamaki College. The year 8's had Graphics and Mr Pineda was our teacher. Class started at 8:45am and ended at 10:30am.

Mr Pineda showed us a video of how to print our shirts, but we didn't bring a shirt because we went camp, so we are printing our shirts next technology. He instructed us to find a photo from the internet and copy it onto a clear piece of paper. We had to make sure that the drawing was easy to craft out for our shirts, because the drawing that we chose is our stencil. I chose a Lion's head as my stencil because Lions are one of my favourite animals. Some of us students were listening to music on our netbooks while we were drawing, because it helped us concentrate.

Throughout the session, all we did was draw our stencils.

Weekly Quiz - Term 4 Week 2

Weekly Quiz

1. Why has New Zealander Chris Cairns been in
the news?
•b. he is an actor who has just been given the lead
   role in the next Mission Impossible movie
•c. he is an author who has just won a prestigious
 international literature award

2. Last week, European and Russian space
agencies have announced plans for manned
missions to ....?
• a. Mars
 • b. Venus
  • c.THE MOON

3. Which of the following is being described as
“plasticy”, “crispy” and “slippery”?
• a. the new uniform for the Rio Olympics
• c. a dead python that was found under a
passenger’s seat on a Air New Zealand

4. From November 30, New Zealand adult
passports will be valid for 10 years instead of
the current five years. Do New Zealanders
need a passport for domestic (national) flights?
• a. Yes
• b. NO
• c. Only if flying from one island to another

5. What is the name of the famous car race that
Craig Lowndes won recently along with his
Kiwi co-driver Steven Richards?
• a. Caulfield Cup
• b. BATHURST 1000
• c. Monaco Grand Prix

6. What happened to a caravan in a Cromwell
camping ground last week?
• b. the caravan was tipped over by a mini
• c. the caravan caught fire after being hit by

7. What was found last week in a Canterbury
• a. a previously undiscovered breed of
freshwater fish
• b. a diamond ring worth $100,000

8. Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence is
claiming the film industry is sexist because of
the inequality in pay between female actors
and male actors. In which of the following films
did Jennifer Lawrence NOT appear?
• a. the Hunger Games films
• b. X Men: Apocalypse

9. True or false, the Finance Minister has
announced the government’s finances are in
surplus (the government is spending less than
they are receiving in taxes and earnings) this

10. True or false, the controversial Kiwi novel Into
the River, which was previously taken off New
Zealand bookstore shelves has been classified
as Restricted 18?

11. Why was a Danish Zoo in the news last week?
• a. it has been temporarily shut down as
multiple animals have died from an
unexplained illness
• c. vandals broke in to the zoo and left three
enclosures open allowing animals to

12. What was found in a muesli bar manufactured
by Tasti last week?
• a. a cockroach
• b. a $2 coin

13. A fireworks company has been ordered to pay
more than $90,000 to spectators injured at an
event last year. At what event did the accident
• b. a Justin Bieber concert
• c. a Vodafone Warriors game

14. A 62-year-old Australian man lost for six days
in the Outback has been found alive, surviving
without water and by eating ...?
• a. lizards
• b. snakes
• c. ANTS

15. Which New Zealand city is also known as the
Garden City?
• b. Hamilton
• c. Auckland



Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Duffy Assembly

Duffy Assembly

On Thursday 10th September 2015, Glenbrae school had a Duffy assembly in the hall. Our guest was Myron Simpson and he is a cyclist.

Myron Simpson started riding his bike when he was 3 years old. He moved on to racing on the road a few years later. He had been to 25 countries, in 2007 he came second place and won the silver medal in Mexico at the Omnium Events. He has been representing New Zealand since he started biking.

He came to assembly with some of his gears for some students to try on. He came in with his bike, shoes, suit and his helmet. All of these gears were designed to be aerodynamic which means that it is supposed to make him cut through the wind and help him ride faster. His bike was made out of carbon fibre and he got it from France. His helmet was painted by his uncle, on top it had the New Zealand flag and on the sides it had the silver ferns symbol and a kiwi riding a bike with flames following from behind. His current team is Team Budget Forklifts, his discipline is track and road and his role is being a rider.
Image result for aerodynamic helmetImage result for world's most aerodynamic bikeImage result for aerodynamic shoesImage result for aerodynamic suitImage result for myron simpson

Myron Simpson said that vehicles are only supposed to go 40 kilometres per hour when they are around schools. The fastest that he could go was 110 kilometres per hour, faster than a car could go in the motorway. He talked to us about how reading is important and his experiences on being a cyclist. After a few minutes, he asked us some questions, he picked 4 students to try on his gears. Danny wore his medal, Honey wore his helmet, Mateaki wore his shoes and Sioeli wore his suit and got to hop onto his bike. When he finished, I got up and said thank you to him for sharing his experiences on being a cyclist and how important reading was.

I learnt to never give up, try my best and keep on reading to achieve my goals.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Poem about Nature

This is a poem that I made up myself.

I see fluffy marshmallows hanging from above
With the doors of heaven opening from the hands of God's son
Feeling the cold air shooting through my skin
Like bullets racing past a tree that is thin
Sitting on seats that are as blue as the sea
Watching the grass roaming lightly with freedom
Thousands of trees standing in a line
From where they can see the bright sun shine

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Persuasive Writing: Should We Have 1 Block of Free Time

Persuasive/Argumentative Writing.

The situation that I am addressing is that students should have 1 block
of free time during school everyday. I strongly disagree with this situation because school
is a learning community for students. Having 1 block of free time on our netbooks should not happen. Students have to reach their national standards before the end of the year.

National Standards
The first reason on why I disagree is, it is just a waste of time because there are students that have not reached their national standards. Some students may be near, but most are not even half way. Students need to study to achieve their goals, playing games isn't going to get them anywhere.

Future and Learning
The second reason on why I disagree is that, if we have 1 block of free time then students will lose their focus on learning, this means that if they lose focus, it will not help them in the future. Students have dreams about who they want to be in the future or what kind of careers they want to be in. If they want to have a good future, then they have work for it to earn it, they can't get it just like that.

Starting at Primary is the beginning of your foundation, then you move on to your 2nd foundation which is Intermediate, on your 3rd foundation comes College, your foundation continues onto University and goes on. Your future depends on your foundation, especially Primary. Having 1 block of free time a day will affect your foundation, because if you play games on your netbook for most of the day and you’ve hardly learnt anything, your brain will lose knowledge and you won’t be able to achieve your goals.

If you start your foundation off solidly then your future will be solid, which means that you will find everything okay in the future. If you start your foundation off loosely, then you will find things difficult in the future.

Time for Learning and Playing
If we start school at 8:55am and finish at 2:45pm, this means that we only have 5 hours and 50 minutes of school every Monday to Friday and we have 1 hour and 5 minutes to play during school. I think that this is enough time for us to play, if we play for another hour, then we won't have enough time to learn.

We have 5 blocks of school altogether including playtime. We only have 3 blocks of learning time and 2 blocks of playtime. The more we learn, the more our brain will function, but the less time we learn, the less our brain will function.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Saturday's Car Wash

Saturday's Car Wash

Saturday’s Car Wash.

On Saturday 22nd August 2015, some year 7 and 8 students and other students came to Glenbrae to help wash cars and fundraise money for our school camp. I woke up at 6:44am and had a shower, when I was dressed I told my parents and brothers to hurry because the car wash started at 8:00am and it was past 7:30am. I was watching Hotel Transylvania and it was 8:05am then my dad drove the van to the front. It took us 30 minutes to drive to school, but we stopped at the shops to buy a tray of drinks.

When we got to school and entered the school parking, Mr Nath was told us to park near the school pool. The kids waited for us to hop out of the van, before they started washing, I joined in with them and got wet. Only 4 students were allowed at one vehicle but 7 students were washing our van, I joined in with them. Then Mrs Tofa called all the students including me and told us that only 4 students were allowed a 1 vehicle.

We had a lot of vans and cars to wash and we only had 3 construction vehicles. Some of the students had to leave because they were busy. Other students came and helped us out when they finished their rugby games. Miss Tuia, our Kiwican teacher and Mr Nath, one of our staff offered the us a sausage sizzle each.

When it was nearly time for us to end our car wash, we waited for Mrs Tofa our coordinator to calculate the amount of money we raised while we started packing up the equipments. We raised $910.00 altogether. Most of the money was from the car wash. Parents came to pick their kids up when the other kids walked home, my dad picked me, my mum and my brothers. We were all exhausted and glad that it was over.

English settlers and their migration to New Zealand

English settlers and their migration to New Zealand

People who migrated from England were guaranteed a life of wealth in New Zealand
Agree, because New Zealand was  country that was only owned by Maori tribes, so the Pakehas migrated to New Zealand so that they can get a better life and have more land.
In England there were diseases that were spreading, and that’s why the Pakehas wanted to migrate to New Zealand, because there were no diseases.

Maori welcomed settlers from England with offers of land for rent
Agree, because the Maori people wanted to trade land for little things that were important to them like a blanket or a musket. They were willing to sell their land for civilization and equality.
These things were important to the Maori because they have never used any of these gears or weapons. Muskets and blankets were like 100 pieces of gold to the Maoris that’s why they traded land for such little things

English settlers worked together with French settlers to help Maori with health issues
Agree, because if the Europeans and French settlers didn’t help the Maoris with their health issues, then the diseases that came from their country would pass throughout New Zealand and a lot of people could’ve been very ill and die.

Missionaries were liaising between Maori and settlers
Agree, because they switched each cultures, like they switched Maori into English and English into Maori

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Triangles Maths Group

Marilyn needs to fertilise her front lawn. It measures 20 metres by 35 metres. Each bag of the fertiliser that she plans to use covers approximately 200m2. How many bags should she buy?

Remember: length X width

20 x 35 = 700m2
20 x 30 = 600
20 x 5 = 100
600 + 100 = 700m2
Each bag  has 200m2.
200 x 3 = 600m2, and half of 200 is 100.
So Marilyn needs 3 and 1/2 bags of fertiliser.

Friday, 7 August 2015

A New Song in the Land Quiz.

Today I made a quiz about A New Song in the Land. Please  try it out and I hope you enjoy it.
Just make sure you login in before playing and then logout when you finish.

A New Song in the Land

Friday, 31 July 2015

Child Abuse

New Zealand’s shocking child abuse statistics
By Blair Ensor (

Walt - Explore how people have different views about issues in society

Literal (Give reasons for your response)

All children admitted to hospital are under the age of 5
False, because not all ages 5 and under are admitted to the hospital.
Child abuse is not a problem in NZ
False, child abuse is a problem in New Zealand
Close family know about abuse in NZ homes
No, they don’t even know what is going on.
People are responsible for the safety of their own children
True, because it is their children and it’s their responsible.
Child abuse is visible in homes
Kind of, in some homes it can be noticed by neighbours and in other homes no one will notice anything.
People are aware of child abuse
Yes, people are aware of child abuse because it’s the law and kids can be badly injured.


The figures shows a decline in child abuse
False, because child abuse is still happening in New Zealand.
Children should have adults to help them report child abuse
Yes, because it is for their own safety.
Child abuse referrals to CYFS is declining
False, because CYFS has more kids coming with injuries.
Susan Miles works hard to help children
True, she is trying to stop child abuse from happening.


Child abuse is only a problem in lower socio-economic areas of New Zealand
True, because that is where child abuse is mostly caused.
Ministry of Social Development are not doing all they can to stop child abuse
No, but they are trying their best to stop child abuse.

Opinions on Child Abuse.

James: The Government should stop parents from abusing their kids and they should just growl them from doing the wrong thing.

Kyana-lee: Children should be put into foster home because it would be better for them and the parents should go to jail for a certain amount of time.  

Dallas: Parents should not abuse their children, because when they go to school people would notice that they’ve been abused by their parents.

Erina: It’s bad because when they have been abused they will grow up, they will notice what was happening.

Mangila: Parents should be separated from and kids and go to jail.

Fine: It’s bad to hit their children because they will be badly injured and might have bruises around their body.

Bono: It’s very dangerous and parents should stop abusing their children.

Voni: Parents and young adults should stop abusing their children.

Ilaio: It’s very wrong and it might lead to death and homicide.

Keti: Child abuse is very bad because it could lead to death. Children should have people they can talk to and parents abusing their children is very bad. It could affect the way the children think or work. Parents should give their children better discipline than a hiding. A growling would work. The children should be heard by the community to stop help child abuse. Children could grow up and carry it on to their children and the cycle will keep going. It is very dangerous for the children because the children are only little and the children can have major injuries after getting beat up.

Manuae: Child abuse is bad because older people such as parents should not hurt their child physically or emotionally.I don’t know why parents have to hurt their child for any matter what so ever.Parents should love and care for their kids instead of hurting them physically and emotionally.Some times that kind of incident can damage them in their future and they might do the same thing to their children and that should never happen to any child what so ever.

Levi: Children deserve to be abused by their parents, especially if they swear at a young age.

Lennyx: Don’t know.

Brandon: It is good because you can get good discipline.

Joseph: It’s not good because it not good.

Taki: It;s bad because you get bruises and cuts and people will notice them.

Danny Joe: It’s bad. Parents should to prison for life.

Jayden: Parents should be put to death.

Justin: It’s bad.

Samuel: It’s bad because they might go to the hospital and die. Parents should be killed.

Melenaite: It’s bad for children because they could really be in pain.

Tauola:  It is bad and dangerous, especially for the kids. Parents shouldn’t see their kids.

Baden: It’s dangerous and it’s very wrong.

Siosifa: It’s good because it can teach the kids a lesson.

Alisi: Parents shouldn’t be abusing their children because it is dangerous and it can cause head trauma and make it hard for the kids brain to work. It can also be dangerous because the kids could carry it on.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

World War 1 and 2 Comparisons.

World War 1 and 2 Comparisons.

World War 1

World War 1 started in 1914 and lasted on 1918. The war went on for 4 years.

World War 1 was started because of the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary and his wife Sophie.

The countries that fought in World War 1 were Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey. They were fighting against France, Russia, Italy, and Japan. The United joined in the war in 1917.

The population of the people that died in World War 1 was up to 10 million. 7 million civilians were killed, 21 million people were wounded and 7.7 million people were missing or they were imprisoned.

The Ottoman Empire from Turkey took a group of Armenians to kill.

Fighting on the line of trenches and supported by large guns, machine guns, soldiers fighting, tanks, airplanes and poisonous gas.

World War 2

World War 2 started in 1939 and lasted until 1945. The war went on for 6 years.

World War 2 was started by Germany because they wanted more land and they attacked Poland, so Britain and France joined in.

The countries that fought in World War 2 were Germany, Italy and Japan. Their allies were France, Britain, the United States, China and the Soviet Union.

The population of the people that died in World War 2 was over 60 million. The calculated death range was up to 50 - 80 million. 38 million to 55 million civilians were killed, also including 13 to 20 million war diseases and bad food.  

The German Nazis committed a group of people against the Jews and Romanis.