Monday, 26 March 2012


On Saturday my family and I drove to the Pakuranga Golf Club so my brothers and I could practise playing golf.
Right  after we arrived  our two coaches came to the practising area and  showed us all the activities we were going to do before we started. When they were finished showing us all the activities I started with my first activity which was hitting the ball with the golf club.

Then I swapped activities, which was throwing a rugby ball to each other by climbing up and down the ladder with two legs.

After that, I walked hit it with the baseball bat. Then my coaches called me to go, and talk about what I had learnt about the fun activities.

I learnt that all the activities I had done was the way you hit the ball with a golf club, I also EXHAUSTED because I had learnt a lot of new games.   

Monday, 19 March 2012

Favourite Movie

Kia Orana everyone, I am very excited to tell you all about my intelligent movie I watched yesterday after school.
First of all,  my dad picked me up from school and drove home. When I arrived home I raced to my room and got changed as fast like the wind and ran to the lounge and turned on the giant television to watch my favourite episode called H2O,  I was to early to watch my favourite movie on channel two,  on that channel was my favourite cartoon called Spongebob Squarepants, well sadly it was almost finish. Finally my movie had begun, every day when I watched this movie it always have some parts that had already happened from the day before until the movie starts. The movie was about that one mermaid wanted to keep her and her friends secret area from a boy that a girl called Cleo had showed him and told him all about what a rock can do and it was a magnet. When the movie was finished I got a shower and had changed into my pyjama clothes before I had dinner. When it was eight o’clock I went to bed for school.
I was so excited that I got on time to watch my favourite episode.  

Monday, 12 March 2012


Hi everyone I am going to tell you all about my trip to the G.I. pools!
First Room Nine got changed into their swimming togs but some students did not bring their swimming togs .Our teacher Mrs Joyce had some spare togs and towels too. The non swimmers just had to watch us swim.

Next we walked down to the G.I. pools to learn how to swim and how to learn some new swimming skills. When we arrived to the pools the boys and girls got to their changing rooms and took of their uniforms and were wearing their togs. when we had finished taking off our uniforms we put our uniform in a plastic bag and on a little stage where the non swimmers,Mrs Joyce and the teacher aid sat. The swimmers had to shower and wet them selves before getting into the pool. Sometimes the shampoo in our hair doesn’t mix very well with the chlorine.  

Then we hopped into our swimming groups I was in the highest swimming group. When I got into my swimming group ,we warmed up for one and a half minutes, first we started using our swimming board and swam to the other side of the pools and swam back to the side we started from.

After that we were listening to the instructor. She told us to use any swimming skills to swim on the other side and to swim back again. Then we had a race to the other side of the island and stayed there and listened to the instructor. Our instructor had told us to swim back to other island of the pool and hop out.

My legs were so EXHAUSTED because I had to use them for kicking.