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Child Abuse

New Zealand’s shocking child abuse statistics
By Blair Ensor (

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Literal (Give reasons for your response)

All children admitted to hospital are under the age of 5
False, because not all ages 5 and under are admitted to the hospital.
Child abuse is not a problem in NZ
False, child abuse is a problem in New Zealand
Close family know about abuse in NZ homes
No, they don’t even know what is going on.
People are responsible for the safety of their own children
True, because it is their children and it’s their responsible.
Child abuse is visible in homes
Kind of, in some homes it can be noticed by neighbours and in other homes no one will notice anything.
People are aware of child abuse
Yes, people are aware of child abuse because it’s the law and kids can be badly injured.


The figures shows a decline in child abuse
False, because child abuse is still happening in New Zealand.
Children should have adults to help them report child abuse
Yes, because it is for their own safety.
Child abuse referrals to CYFS is declining
False, because CYFS has more kids coming with injuries.
Susan Miles works hard to help children
True, she is trying to stop child abuse from happening.


Child abuse is only a problem in lower socio-economic areas of New Zealand
True, because that is where child abuse is mostly caused.
Ministry of Social Development are not doing all they can to stop child abuse
No, but they are trying their best to stop child abuse.

Opinions on Child Abuse.

James: The Government should stop parents from abusing their kids and they should just growl them from doing the wrong thing.

Kyana-lee: Children should be put into foster home because it would be better for them and the parents should go to jail for a certain amount of time.  

Dallas: Parents should not abuse their children, because when they go to school people would notice that they’ve been abused by their parents.

Erina: It’s bad because when they have been abused they will grow up, they will notice what was happening.

Mangila: Parents should be separated from and kids and go to jail.

Fine: It’s bad to hit their children because they will be badly injured and might have bruises around their body.

Bono: It’s very dangerous and parents should stop abusing their children.

Voni: Parents and young adults should stop abusing their children.

Ilaio: It’s very wrong and it might lead to death and homicide.

Keti: Child abuse is very bad because it could lead to death. Children should have people they can talk to and parents abusing their children is very bad. It could affect the way the children think or work. Parents should give their children better discipline than a hiding. A growling would work. The children should be heard by the community to stop help child abuse. Children could grow up and carry it on to their children and the cycle will keep going. It is very dangerous for the children because the children are only little and the children can have major injuries after getting beat up.

Manuae: Child abuse is bad because older people such as parents should not hurt their child physically or emotionally.I don’t know why parents have to hurt their child for any matter what so ever.Parents should love and care for their kids instead of hurting them physically and emotionally.Some times that kind of incident can damage them in their future and they might do the same thing to their children and that should never happen to any child what so ever.

Levi: Children deserve to be abused by their parents, especially if they swear at a young age.

Lennyx: Don’t know.

Brandon: It is good because you can get good discipline.

Joseph: It’s not good because it not good.

Taki: It;s bad because you get bruises and cuts and people will notice them.

Danny Joe: It’s bad. Parents should to prison for life.

Jayden: Parents should be put to death.

Justin: It’s bad.

Samuel: It’s bad because they might go to the hospital and die. Parents should be killed.

Melenaite: It’s bad for children because they could really be in pain.

Tauola:  It is bad and dangerous, especially for the kids. Parents shouldn’t see their kids.

Baden: It’s dangerous and it’s very wrong.

Siosifa: It’s good because it can teach the kids a lesson.

Alisi: Parents shouldn’t be abusing their children because it is dangerous and it can cause head trauma and make it hard for the kids brain to work. It can also be dangerous because the kids could carry it on.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

World War 1 and 2 Comparisons.

World War 1 and 2 Comparisons.

World War 1

World War 1 started in 1914 and lasted on 1918. The war went on for 4 years.

World War 1 was started because of the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary and his wife Sophie.

The countries that fought in World War 1 were Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey. They were fighting against France, Russia, Italy, and Japan. The United joined in the war in 1917.

The population of the people that died in World War 1 was up to 10 million. 7 million civilians were killed, 21 million people were wounded and 7.7 million people were missing or they were imprisoned.

The Ottoman Empire from Turkey took a group of Armenians to kill.

Fighting on the line of trenches and supported by large guns, machine guns, soldiers fighting, tanks, airplanes and poisonous gas.

World War 2

World War 2 started in 1939 and lasted until 1945. The war went on for 6 years.

World War 2 was started by Germany because they wanted more land and they attacked Poland, so Britain and France joined in.

The countries that fought in World War 2 were Germany, Italy and Japan. Their allies were France, Britain, the United States, China and the Soviet Union.

The population of the people that died in World War 2 was over 60 million. The calculated death range was up to 50 - 80 million. 38 million to 55 million civilians were killed, also including 13 to 20 million war diseases and bad food.  

The German Nazis committed a group of people against the Jews and Romanis.

Maths Problem

Today my Triangles Maths Group solved 3 problems about Decimals.

1. Tom and Katie went for a five kilometre run. Tom took 40.23 minutes to complete the run while Katie took 40.92 minutes.

Who was faster and by how many minutes?

2. Cheryl had 3.5 litres of water to water her plants. Each plant needs 0.5 litres. How many plants can Cheryl water?

3. Sione ran 0.45 kilometres more on Friday than Saturday. On Saturday he ran 11.25 kilometres. How many kilometres did Sione run on Friday?

Can you solve these problems?