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The Jumper.

The Jumper by Feana Tu’akoi

WALT: Use inferencing strategy to find answers to questions based on the text.
Success Criteria: I know I have used the inferencing strategy when I have done the following to look for an answer:
*look for clues around the text,
*re-read the text,
* sound out the question and look for key words in the question, *discuss with a buddy.
* form a picture of the question and then try and answer it.
* read on while looking for the correct answer.

Activity 1 - Reading Response
Read the story and then answer the questions based on the text.
1. What is this story about?
This story is about a girl named Rangi. She was too excited to go to sleep because it was her birthday on the next day. While she was falling asleep, she heard big footsteps outside her window. When she opened her window curtains, she caught a shadowy figure jumping in front of her fence. Dad saw him and chased him everywhere he went. A taxi driver helped dad out because he didn’t pay for his fare. Then he said that the person that ran through his backyard is a jumper. Rangi saw what was happening, so she rang the cops and told them what happened then she waited for the cops to come, and while she was talking to the operator she saw dad and the taxi driver with the jumper calming down, then the police came and took the jumper to the police station.
2. Describe the main character in this story.
In this story the main character is Rangi. Rangi was a girl who saw a jumper run past her fence and dialed 111.
3. Who are the other characters in this story?
The other characters in this story is dad. Who chased after the jumper down the street.
The taxi driver, who helped dad chase after the jumper and drives taxi for living.
The Jumper, who ran away from the taxi drive, jumped over Rangi’s fence and punched dad in the face.
The Police were solving the problem.
4. Describe the setting for this story.
The setting for this story is the neighbourhood. The neighbourhood was dark and quiet until dad and the taxi driver chased the jumper.
5. What were the problems faced by the characters in this story?
The problems faced by the characters in this story was that ran away from the taxi without paying for his fair and jumped over dad and Rangis fence and punched dad in the face, and the police had to talk to the jumpers parents.
6. How did the characters in this story solve the problem
The characters in the story solved the problem by calling the cops and talking to the jumpers parents.

Activity 2 - Vocabulary
Locate these words in the text. Read around these words to find out its meaning. Use an online dictionary to find out what the words mean.

1.  pounding
Rhythmical beating or throbbing.
2.  struggling
Make forceful or violent efforts to get free of restraint or constriction.
3.  sneaked
Move or go in a furtive or stealthy way.
4.  crouching
Adopt a position where the knees are bent and the upper body is brought forward and down, typically in order to avoid detected or to defend oneself.
5. disappeared
6. swearing
To use of offensive language.
7.  smacked
A sharp slap typically one given by the palm of hand.
8.  operator
A person who operates an equipment or a machine.
9.  uniform
Wearing the same clothes at all time.
10. suspiciously
Having or showing a cautious distrust of someone or something.

ACTIVITY 3 - Story Review

 Use the Story Review Template given in the link attached to write a review of this story.
The Jumper.
Feana Tu’akoe
Rangi, Dad the Taxi driver, The Jumper and the Police
In the neighbourhood.
The jumper ran away from the taxi driver because he didn’t have any money to pay for his tax.
How the Characters Tried to Solve the Problem:
The characters tried to solve the problem by calming the jumper down.
Rangi called the police and the police came and took the jumper to his parents.

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