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Hunting for Hunters by Mary Sutherland.


Hunting the Hunters by Mary Sutherland

WALT: Learning to make predictions on what is going to happen next in the text by using the keywords in the preceding sentences and paragraphs.
SUCCESS CRITERIA: I am able to predict as to what is going to happen next in the text.

1. What does a spiders eyes work like?
A spiders eyes work like mirror.
2. Why are most spiders active at night?
Most spiders are active at night because it helps them avoid being eaten by the birds.
3. How can you know that a spider is a female spider?
If it’s carrying an egg sac or piggy-backing its babies.
4. What are some of the disadvantages for spiders working at night?
Some of the disadvantages for spiders working at night, is that there is not a lot of light around and every creature, even a nocturnal one, needs at least some light to help it see.
5. How do some spiders catch their food?
Some spiders catch their food in webs of sticky silk and some hunt for their food, stalking and pouncing on their prey.

Activity 2 - Dictionary and Vocabulary
1.  Locate these words in the text and then use an online dictionary to find the meanings
    of these words.
2.  Make sentences with these words.

1.  pouncing
(Of an animal or bird of prey.) Swing or swoop suddenly so as to catch prey.
As he watched, a mink pounced on the vole.
2.  workers
A person who works in particular.
I got a  reputation for being a worker.
3.  sparkles
Shine brightly with flashes of light.
Bright little sparkles showed on the lady’s earring.
4.  hunting
The activity of hunting wild animals or games.
The mens talked about going hunting.
5.  reflecting
(Of a surface or body) throwback (heat, light or sound) without absorbing it.
When the sun's rays hit the Earth a lot of the hit reflected back into space.
6.  active
Moving or tending to move about vigorously or frequently.
This is analogues to the predator also being an active  forager moving frequently between patches.
7.  creature
An animal, as distinct from a human-being.
I could see a weird looking creature outside my lawn.
8.  expect
Regard (something) as likely to happen.
It’s as well to expect the worst.
9. reinforce
Strengthen or support ( an object or substance) especially with additional material.
To prevent wobbling, anchor stick securely foam-filled pot and reinforce stick in foam with glue.
10. absorbed
Take in or soak up (energy or a liquid or other substance) by chemical or physical action.
Steroids are absorbed into the bloodstream.

Activity 3 -  Click on the link below and then read the article on How Waves are Made. After you have read the article, write down five facts about How Waves are Made.

  1. Waves can be made by wind.
  2. The wind transfers some of its energy in the water through friction between the air molecules and the water molecules to make waves.
  3. Low pressure systems make good and strong waves.
  4. The frictions created by wind help to form energy waves.
  5. In deep low pressure systems, wind speed is greater and more waves are generated by the power of the gusts.

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