Monday, 14 July 2014

Movie Night.

Movie Night.

[On Thursday 10th of July 2014, my step sister(Sylvia), her sister (Sonia) and nephew(Junior) came to pick us up (my brothers - Lisiate and Salelei and me), so that we can go to the movies together at Sylvia Park.]

We were so happy when dad told us that Via will come and take us to the movie. We still ate fish and chips at one takeaway at Onehunga when she text over. We finished our food then hurry back home and get ready before she comes. But while we dress up, my mum called out that they are here. Oh my goodness I am not yet ready. Lucky they came and have a chat chat with mum and dad before we leave. I peep outside and it was my step sister (Sylvia) and her sister (Sonia) and her son, our nephew, Junior. Yes! I was so happy. I finished dressing up so as my brother and out we go.

First, we went to check what movie we were going to watch and see what time it started. We chose the Transformers 4 Age of Extinction as our movie, but it started at 9:10pm, because the other time that Transformers 4 started was 5:40pm, but it was the 3D kind, so we had 3 hours and 30 minutes to hang around Sylvia Park waiting to 9:10pm.

Next, we walked through Toyworld, just to look at the toys at take care of my nephew. While we were doing that, my 2 brothers were talking with their friend Moli. My step sister and I were walking around the shop and looking at the different kinds of toys that they have.

After a few minutes, my step sister and I were finding my brothers and nephew. So, we walked down the elevator and found them at Dick Smith. They were playing on the iPads and watching movies on the flatscreen tv. My stepsister, Via said, that the boys can stay at Dick Smith, while we go to Pak n Save and buy some snacks for us to eat when the movie starts.

I needed to go to the bathroom and do my business, my step sister said that she is going to wait for me in a fashion shop. Once, I finished washing my hands I walked to my step sister and told her that I was finished, then we walked straight to Pak n Save. We bought 2 packets of chips, 1 large packet of popcorn, 4 bottles of water, 2 bottles of fizzy drinks and 3 packets of lollies. While Via was paying at the counter, Siate and Sa came with my nephew, Junior to help take the snacks. We put the snacks in a bag then we walked outside and sat down for 10 minutes.
Junior got out his iPad and we took turns playing a game called Don’t Tap the White Tile. Via said something about pizza and we all agreeing to eat pizza. Then we walked to where we parked the car and drove off to Otahuhu Dominos to order 2 boxes of pizzas. We ordered pepperoni and hawaiian flavoured pizzas. We hath to wait for 10 minutes. We talked and were playing games in the car while waiting. Via went to check the pizza and, she came out with it. We then, drove to a park nearby and ate there.

After we ate the pizza, we played at the park for a little while before we left. Once we left, we drove through the motorway because we had a lot of time left. Yay, I smiled because we were going for another ride. We drove to Onehunga and then to Papatoetoe, a few minutes later, we were at Mt Wellington Shopping Centre. Via said to wait in the car while she goes to Countdown to buy a bottle of drink so that we can refill our bottle that was full of water. After that, we drove to Sylvia Park just 20 minutes before the movie started.

We waited on the couch and watched movie trailers. When it was 9:00pm, we lined up near the ticket booth and gave our ticket to the ticket lady to check, then she told us to turn on the first left to enter the room. It was the theatre number 8. Once we entered the room, there weren’t that much people in there, but it didn’t matter. So we climbed up the stairs and looked for our seats. We chose to take the seat in the middle of the room. Finally, I said to myself, we made it inside the theatre, sit and relax after a long walk, eat and play at the park. My leg started to hurt but it  didn’t matter because I enjoyed myself and again, I will enjoy the movie and forget all about it.

My brother and I were playing games on our nephew’s iPad. While we were playing, the ad popped up on the screen and it gave us a fright because it was very loud. After a few minutes, the movie started so I gave the iPad to my step sister. My brothers and I felt kind of sleepy while we were watching the movie and  we watched most parts of it and some parts were sad, but most of it was cool.

Finally, the movie finished and we just sat on our seats until my step sister was ready to go. We walked straight out the door and walked to where our car parked at the parking lot under the bridge. When we drove home, my parents were still awake and was waiting for us, we told them all about the movie when my step sister and nephew left. We all went to sleep at about 2:00am. We were all tired.