Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My Holiday Recount.

On the holidays I went to the pools with my brothers to swim while my dad went to the gym for exercise. While I was in the pool, I saw my sister coming with her son and our cousin, my brothers were very excited to see their nephew because they liked playing with him whenever we see them. We were playing a shark game when we were tired we wanted to go to the bigger pool, my nephew had to stay on the shallow bit because he might drown. A few minutes later, my sister and cousin came from the spa and the sauna, we started talking about what we were doing on the days before until I accidentally splashed the water at my mum’s face, we all started laughing and started splashing water at each other. When we saw my dad come from the gym we hopped out of the pool and got changed into our clothes, when we were finished we walked outside and said goodbye to my sister nephew and cousin before we left.

Next we went to the bakery to buy some donuts to eat, then we went to an outlet shop to buy some food.

After that we went to visit my grandma, while we were there we were in the lounge watching Spongebob Squarepants and Good Luck Charlie, when Good Luck Charlie started we only watched a little bit of the programme because we had to go home for dinner.

On the second week of the holidays I went with my mum and my brother Salelei to pick up the bread from the bread bakery in St Heliers called Bakers Delight, while we were there Salelei and I saw my friend Te Puawai, she came with her grandma to help us deliver the bread. Me and my brother were busy playing with Puawai while my mum and Puawai’s grandma were collecting the bread into the boxes, when they were done they started talking while we were still playing, when they stopped talking they said goodbye to each other so did my brother and I, we all started packing the bread’s in the van and drove off.

Then we went home to look after my dad because he was sick, so we decided to bring our grandma my cousin and her baby over to look after my dad too.


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  2. Where does petrol come from? It comes from underground. They get most of the petrol from Brazil.
  3. Who discovered petrol to be used in transportation? It was William Merriam Burton
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America's Cup


                                                                Room 7
                                                    Week 4 Homework Sheet.


Narrative writing. Write a narrative titled  'A Dream Come True.'

Language skills
Put  the  capital  letters  in  the  write  place.

I baked some cooking with daniel. reece and i went shopping.
I  baked  some  cookies  with  Daniel. Reece  and  I  went  shopping.

I love going to the glen innes shoppning centre.
I  love  going  to  the  Glen  Innes  shopping  centre.

andy, chris and kodi all played in the same team.
Andy,  Chris and  Kodi  all  played  in  the  same  team.

the warriors lost their games on sunday.
The  Warriors  lost  their games  on  Sunday.


Write the capitals for each of these countries.

U.S.A - Washington DC
Russia - Moscow
Italy - Venis
England -
South Africa - Capetown
Brazil - Rio de Jenerio
Tonga - Nukualofa
Scotland -

Where in the world would you find:

The Eifle tower - France
The Sky Tower - New Zealand
Weta Cave - New Zealand
Statue of Liberty - United State of America


123 + 324= 447
4 x 12= 48
Half of 50= 25
Days in a leap year = 366
How  many  degrees  in  a  right  angle? 90 degrees
How  many  degrees  in  an  obtuse  angle? 270 degrees
How  many  sides  does  a  triangle  have? 3 sides
1/4  of  20  is 5
What  is  the  value  of  pi? -3.14
Find  the  perimeter  of  this  shape

10cm                                     10cm
Find  the  circumference  of  this  circle.

P. E.

How  many  players  in  a  softball  team? 8
How  many  players  in  a  basketball  team? 9
How  many  players  in  a  soccer  team? 7
Who  played  the  All  Blacks  in  the  weekend? Australia
Who  did  the  Warriors  play  in  the  weekend? Panther
Who  is  the  coach  for  the  All  Blacks? Steve Hanson