Sunday, 11 May 2014

Recount Writing: Moon Walk.

Moon Walk.

Date: 20 September 2057
Day 4

Dad landed the lunar module safely on a flat area of the Moon’s surface at 0800 hours. I felt very excited to be the first child to walk on the Moon.

After the landing, Dad opened the small hatch and climbed down the ladder. I followed him, holding tightly onto the sides. Once I reached the bottom of the ladder, I took a deep breath and stepped onto the surface of the Moon near Dad. I felt like a kangaroo as I leapt into the air, leaving footprints in the dust.

A short time later, Dad collected some volcanic rocks and moon sites to the landing site.

At 0900 hours, I helped Dad load the equipment into the top part of the module. After that, we returned to our spaceship where Commander Tito was waiting for us.

I hope I can visit the Moon again in the future. It was an amazing experience.

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