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The Big Game.

The Big Game by Sue Gibbison

WALT: Use inferencing strategy to find answers to questions based on the text.
Success Criteria: I know I have used the inferencing strategy when I have done the following to look for an answer:
*look for clues around the text,
*re-read the text,
* sound out the question and look for key words in the question, *discuss with a buddy.
* form a picture of the question and then try and answer it.
* read on while looking for the correct answer.

Activity 1 - Reading Response
Read the story and then answer the questions based on the text.

1. Why did mum wish that there was a big game held in their town more often?
Mum wished that there was a big game held in their town more often because their town misses out on a lot of things.
2. Why did mum and the children go to the park ?
Mum and the children went to the park to see the big game.
3. Why did the author feel her stomach flipping like crazy?
The author felt that her stomach was flipping like crazy because it felt like it was her about to play.
4. Who came forward after the game to the children?
It was Shane that came forward after the game to the children.
5. Why did Karla’s mum ask when was the famous player playing again?
Karla’s mum asked when the famous player is playing again because she wanted her children to do chores.
6. Why were the children so keen to go to the big game?
The children were so keen to go to the big game because it was a preseason match.
7. What could have been the reason for mum agreeing to let the children go to the games?
The reason for mum agreeing to let the children go to the games under conditions.
8. In your opinion, why do you think Shane was famous?
I think Shane was famous because he is from their small town.
9. Was mum feeling happy for the children to go to the games? Why?
Mum wasn't feeling happy for the children to go to the games because she wanted to keep them safe.
10. Why was soccer their favourite sport?
Soccer was their favourite sport because they can be kicking off, throwing in, dribbling and heading the soccer ball.

Activity 2 - Vocabulary
Make sentences with these words

1.  muscles - The players were stretching their muscles.
2. mention - My mum knew who we were talking about when we mention all the big names.
3. touring - When a band is touring we have to buy the CD.
4. pollution - She reminds us of pollution and traffic and crime.
5. interesting - But sometimes I think I wouldn’t mind a traffic jam if that what it takes for something interesting to happen round here.
6. famous - But we’d never seen anyone famous before.
7. watched - We stood and watched as one famous player after another get off the bus
8. arriving - For a town full of rugby fanatics, people were taking their time arriving.
9. laughed - Mum laughed “ What did you expect, an alien?”
10. allowed - Finally we were allowed on the field.

Write an article review for this article and take a screenshot of a picture from the article and put it up on your Blog after it has been checked by your teacher.
The Big Game.
This story is about

ACTIVITY 4:  Click on the Link below and then read the information on Japan Tsunamis.
After you have read the information, write an Information Report on The Japan Tsunami. Put your information report on your individual Blog.

Japan Tsunami.
The Kyoto Kumaru fishing vessel was swept away from a port Kesennuma, Miyagi prefecture.
This was the scene on March 12 2011.


This is what it looked like after the clean up.

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