Monday, 4 February 2013

Bio Poem

Learning Intention: To write a poem bio
Success Criteria

  • Should be modelled on the structure below
  • Use highly descriptive language (focus on adjectives)
  • Should make you feel satisfied that whoever reads it will know a good deal about who you are.

Respectful, Kind and Caring.
Lover of Chocolate, Fruits and Reggae music.

Who wonders a little girl going through a lot of work to get money.
Afraid of Ghosts, Big Spiders and Clowns.

Who feels Happy when someone helps you with your work. Sad when someone dies. Angry when someone teases you.
Who is able to help someone by giving them money to buy food.

Who like to see Artworks, read books and sing songs.
Who dreams everything will be made out of metal in the future.

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